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Inspiring Minds Studio

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Our Mission

At Inspiring Minds Studio we nurture children and support them as they build their independence and confidence, develop social skills, identify and manage their emotions, explore literacy and numeracy concepts through hands on activities, strengthen their fine motor skills, explore STEM concepts, develop resilience and foster a love of learning that will carry them through to school.

What we focus on

Social and emotional learning
Literacy (name recognition and writing, letter recognition, alphabet activities)
Numeracy (counting, number recognition, measurement, patterns)
Fine motor skills
Building resilience
Exploring scientific concepts
Creating through different art and craft activities

Our Programs

During school terms we offer two programs during the week.

Growing Minds

(4-5 year olds starting school next year)

Designed specifically for children starting school next year. This program will help prepare your child for school, focusing on important social and emotional skills, literacy, numeracy and fine motor skills. We focus on building confident and independent children who will thrive when they get to school.

Thriving Minds

(3 – 4 year olds)

Children are immersed in an environment of sensory and educational opportunities where they can explore and learn. We focus on a range of social and emotional skills such as taking turns, sharing, listening and following instructions. We build both gross motor and fine motor skills, as well as focus on literacy, numeracy, art and STEM concepts.

What Our Families Are Saying

Inspiring Minds Studio is a superior preschool program. My two children, aged 5 and 3 have developed invaluable skills that will definitely assist them settling in at school and kinder but more importantly, have facilitated in them, a confidence to explore, inquire, make mistakes, rise to challenges and self evaluate their own learning and development.


Kylie and her team have created an engaging and highly effective program that focuses on the ‘whole’ child – mind, body and soul. My kids have had a fabulous experience this year and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering supplementary learning experiences.


My daughter absolutely LOVED her time at Inspiring Minds studio – she was right into everything from the get-go. There were so many wonderful activities for her to get involved in! She got to create and explore and was learning so much as she went along. The team had put so much thought into the activities for kids to do.


Thank you for creating such a unique learning space for our kids. It’s so great to know that you are helping to prepare our son for school and give us ideas on how we can help at home too!


I am so grateful for what you have done for our daughter. Her confidence has grown so much and I love that I get a few hours off while she is busy learning so much at Inspiring Minds Studio



What do I need to bring to a session?

Some activities can be messy so please bring a change of clothes. For all 3hr drop off classes, please pack a snack (no nuts), water bottle, hat and change of clothes.

What sort of things happen in a session?

Each session is different with a range of activities that focus on a combination of fine motor, social/emotional, literacy, numeracy, art and science. All sessions have a combination of structured activities and child led activities. We focus on a different social skill, feeling or emotion each session. We also have a letter focus each week and structure our activities around the letter of the week. Each session also includes yoga and a science related activity too.

How do you help to prepare children for school?

We focus on developing the whole child. We believe that preparing children socially and emotionally is a vital element of school readiness. By having structured activities, we are helping to bridge the gap between kinder and school and helping the children to understand how a primary school classroom works. We expose them to literacy and numeracy concepts and help to build their independence, confidence, resilience and problem-solving skills.

Do I have to book in for a term or do you offer casual sessions?

We offer casual bookings if there is availability in a particular class. Most of our enrolments are term bookings, with most classes fully booked. You can go on a waitlist and be notified if someone is absent and you can book in for a casual class.

Are sessions suitable for children with special needs?

We welcome all children to Inspiring Minds Studio. Each class has 2 educators.

Do I drop my child off and come back and pick them up afterwards?

Yes, all of our classes are drop off sessions. You need to sign your child in and out from the foyer area.

What happens if I can’t attend on the day that I’ve booked?

If you give us 24 hours notice we will offer you a make up class to be used during the term or on the next school holidays, based on availability. If less than 24 hours notice is given, you forfeit that session.

What happens if I have paid for the term but can no longer attend?

You’re welcome to transfer the remainder of the term to a friend or family member. Unfortunately, we don’t offer refunds.

My child has never been in care before, is that ok?

Absolutely! We have a lot of children who join us without previously going to childcare or kinder. We can provide you with advice to help with settling them in to our classes.

What is the booking process?

Head to the ENROLMENT page of our website and select the class your preferred class. Book and pay online. All new enrolments need to fill in the 5 page enrolment form on our website and ensure that it is emailed through or brought in for your child’s first session.

What does my child bring to class?

Please pack a snack (no nuts or nut products), water bottle, hat and change of clothes in a bag along with any necessary medications.