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Drop Off Sessions

We have four 3 hour drop off sessions where children have the opportunity to build independence, confidence and social skills. Our 3 hour drop off sessions are run by 2 experienced primary school teachers who will help your child to develop a love of learning, whilst building on their social and emotional skills, literacy and numeracy knowledge in a fun and exciting learning environment. These sessions are the perfect addition to 4 year old kinder, or are a great alternative to 3 year old kinder. They are aimed at bridging the gap between kinder and school. There are a maximum of 12 children in the class.

What we focus on

- Social and emotional learning
- Literacy (name recognition and writing, letter recognition, alphabet activities)
- Numeracy (counting, number recognition, measurement, patterns)
- Fine motor skills
- Building resilience
- Problem-solving
- Exploring scientific concepts
- Creating through different art and craft activities

Children have the opportunity to work in small groups as well as independently with teacher support.

What to bring:
- water bottle
- fruit, snack and/or lunch
- change of clothes
- relevant medication

Please note that children attending this class must be toilet trained.


Enrolment Form

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